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60-meter-high flagpole opened in Gomel as symbol of country’s pride


GOMEL, 18 September (BelTA) – A flagpole as high as 60 meters was opened in Gomel on 18 September. A state flag as large as 6x12 meters is attached to it, BelTA has learned.
Representatives of local enterprises, government agencies, public organizations, young citizens, and veterans turned up for the inauguration ceremony.
Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration Andrei Kuntsevich noted that events of the last few weeks forced many people to see anew the things they used to take for granted – peace and calm in Belarus, cozy and tidy cities and towns. “Attempts are being made to set Belarusians against each other, to convince them that we have a wrong flag, a wrong government, a wrong nation. In these circumstances we see how important it is to be immune to attempts to shake and split our society, how valuable peace and order in the Belarusian land is. We see that we have a strong president, a wise nation, a state flag that will keep soaring above the country against all the odds,” he said. In his opinion, this flag has become a symbol of people intent on creation, a symbol of the nation that is ready to defend its spiritual values and will not allow the destruction of everything that was created by the previous generation of Belarusians.
Gomel Oblast Governor Gennady Solovei noted that the flagpole has become the most discussed object of the year in the oblast capital. “Meanwhile, a certain category of people failed to notice the opening of five educational institutions, six sport facilities, and serious investments in healthcare. Everything was overshadowed by the flagpole, which is now not only a state symbol of sovereignty and freedom but the confession of love and dedication to Belarus and pride for one’s own country, a strong, independent, stable, and safe country,” the governor said.
The new flagpole’s structure consists of six sections. The flag is attached to a specifically designed swing-out mechanism that enables the flag to wave in the wind. Gomel is the first oblast capital (the second one after Minsk) where such a high flagpole for a state flag has been set up.