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Mozyr Oil Refinery to upgrade bitumen production plant


Mozyr Oil Refinery will upgrade its bitumen production plant, BelTA has learned.

Equipment of the vacuum unit of the bitumen production plant is being upgraded now. The furnace P-1, which is used to warm up furnace oil before the vacuum column K-1, is supposed to be replaced as well.

The old furnace has been used for over 40 years since the bitumen production plant was commissioned in 1978. The furnace has gone through several major overhauls since then, including partial reconstruction. However, corrosion of the bearing structures of the furnace body, the convection part and the radiation zone made every consequent overhaul more expensive and less effective. The old furnace also has problems with meeting government-regulated noise standards.

The efficiency factor of the new furnace is higher than that of its predecessor and stands at 82.6%. It is equipped with modern monitoring and metering instruments and can be connected to the control grid. The new furnace also boasts soot blowers, a coke steam burn-off system, a gas detection system, and an automated system to control atmospheric emissions. The energy effectiveness will be higher as well. The horizontal placement of condenser coils will make future repairs easier.

The control system of the vacuum unit is being upgraded as well. The bitumen production plant is the last facility, which still uses physical controls although partially. This year the control system of the vacuum unit will become fully computerized.

Construction and installation is being done in two shifts every day. The modernization of the vacuum unit will greatly improve the safety of the facility. Additional fire alarms will be installed as well as fire-hose monitors.

Oil bitumen made by Mozyr Oil Refinery enjoys steadily high demand on the home market and abroad. The main foreign customers are Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania. Baltic states were added to the list last year.

Mozyr Oil Refinery was commissioned in 1975. It was converted into a public joint-stock company (OAO) in 1994. The company specializes in refining oil and making and selling oil products.