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Kalinkovichi Meat-Packing Plant’s export 10% up in H1 2020


In January-June 2020 OAO Kalinkovichi Meat-Packing Plant increased export shipments by 10% in comparison with H1 2019. The company's performance was reviewed as Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Vladimir Andreichenko visited the enterprise on 10 July, BelTA has learned.

The head of the lower chamber of the Belarusian parliament was made familiar with results of the company's work, the company's development strategy, and social support available to the employees. While talking to the workers, the MP mentioned that the production sector plays the key role in the Belarusian economy. In January-May 2020 the gross domestic product amounted to Br51 billion while the production sector contributed Br44 billion, the MP noted.

Vladimir Andreichenko pointed out that the government has always paid close attention to industrial enterprises and will continue doing so. New enterprises are being set up while existing manufacturing facilities are preserved and are being upgraded.

Yet Vladimir Andreichenko noted that competition for markets is fierce in today's world, this is why it is very important to preserve current sales and find new opportunities.

According to Kalinkovichi Meat-Packing Plant Director Gennady Kurlovich, the company has not stopped for a minute and has not lost a single target market amid the pandemic. "We intend to raise the export share up to 50% of the output volume. We export about 45-46% at present. While in 2018 we sold $11 million worth of products, the figure rose to about $23 million in 2019. We expect sales to reach $26 million in 2020. The output growth rate in H1 2020 totaled 110% as against January-June 2019," the executive explained.

Vladimir Andreichenko explained that the company is tweaking its product range. In the past Kalinkovichi Meat-Packing Plant would sell more bone-in meat. At present the company focuses on selling dressed meat and cooled meat. Export destinations are changing slightly, too: the company started working more closely with Kazakhstan in 2020.

Vladimir Andreichenko appreciated results of the company's work. "You understand that success depends primarily on product quality. You pay close attention to it. And customers express trust in this quality by buying your products," he noted.

The MP also praised the company's work with human resources. "The enterprise employs a lot of young people. As many as 500 of the employees [out of about 1,000] have a university degree or a vocational school degree. Some are still studying. They get serious support for the sake of improving their professional skills," Vladimir Andreichenko said.

According to the MP, these components and many other ones are having a positive effective on the overall results. "The company operates in the black and shows profits. The average salary exceeds Br1,000. People who work here are confident in tomorrow," he concluded.